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Quick Books Desktop

Accounting in English – Tax PrePrep Cleanup


The QBDesktop has an amazing member supporting its team: QBOX!

It gives CLOUD access to QBDesktop like never before, and at a rate like never before!

As an Operational Accountant, my clients and I enjoy it ease of use, no matter remote we are from each other. It holds up to 10 gigs for .QBW, .XLSX, .DOCX, files and much much more.

And the connection is seamless!

QBox-Desktop-Operational Accountant Quiz       [with answers]
✔Do you LOVE your QB DESKTOP?                      [answer: I sure do!]
Do you want to keep its awesome features?         [answer: Absolutely!]
Do you want to work with an awesome, and humble, Operational Accountant
throughout the year (moi!)?!                                      [answer: That’s obvious!]


If you answered all three questions correctly, you win a free consultation below.

Write me at and enter “QBox Consultation” in the subject line.


Offer: Set you up in QBOX and continue the Joy of QBD!

$100 through 1/1/2020.


My offer and my accounting are as serious as my humor is bad. I make you feel good about your numbers. Now, I can do it helping you with QBox…even if you work another accountant!


R. Michael O’Hanlan Consulting (RMOHC) is an accounting systems consulting firm based in the Washington, DC area. Michael O’Hanlan is a Certified Fraud Examiner. RMOHC specializes in accounting cleanup and organization for commercial and government contract clients, fraud prevention, and training services.

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SITUATION:  The Bank Feeds in both QBO and QBD (Desktop) download the same information you get on your bank statement.  These generally are:

QuickBooks will assign these to:
MEMO (not name)

QBO and QBD relies on NAMES, not MEMOS to organize Vendor, Customer, Employee, and Other (as you have created) transactions.

When you accept a transaction without filling in/populating the PAYEE field, you are leaving out a NAME.  If you go back to verify you paid Vendor X  for an invoice based on accepting the bank feed, you may not see it.

With every payment transaction, ALWAYS fill in the PAYEE  field before accepting the transaction.

  1. You usually see the Payee Name in the Memo Line.  Type that in the PAYEE  field.
  2. Click on the Rules Tab, and make a rule to make accepting bank fees more smoothly.

QBO & QBD will gradually develop a set of Rules  for how to auto-fill the payee field.  If you don’t monitor it, you might find all your transactions going to Payee: Wendy’s  Account:  Pool Supplies.  Make rules such as:
If Memo Contains “Sunoco”
Set Payee to “Sunoco”
…you will not have 40 Sunoco Vendors (Sunoco 4567, Sunoco 4609, Sunoco 1590, etc.).  Rules, that is another blog post to come.

Savings – you will not have to pay ABC hourly rates (ABC = Accountants, Bookkeepers, and CPAs) to enter in all the names so they can do any type of research or analysis.
Benefits – you will develop a system of rules so that your bank feeds will be properly accounted for in QB.

-Go into Reports/ Custom/ Transaction and run a report for ALL dates
-Look in all Bank and Credit Card accounts
-If the NAME field is blank, open the transaction and choose a name of a vendor, customer, employee, or other.
-Save and Close the transaction

-Run a “Transaction by Date” report for ALL dates.
-Look in all Bank and Credit Card accounts.
-If the NAME field is blank, open the transaction and choose a name of a vendor, customer, employee, or other.
-Save and Close the transaction

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