The QBDesktop has an amazing member supporting its team: QBOX!

It gives CLOUD access to QBDesktop like never before, and at a rate like never before!

As an Operational Accountant, my clients and I enjoy it ease of use, no matter remote we are from each other. It holds up to 10 gigs for .QBW, .XLSX, .DOCX, files and much much more.

And the connection is seamless!

QBox-Desktop-Operational Accountant Quiz       [with answers]
✔Do you LOVE your QB DESKTOP?                      [answer: I sure do!]
Do you want to keep its awesome features?         [answer: Absolutely!]
Do you want to work with an awesome, and humble, Operational Accountant
throughout the year (moi!)?!                                      [answer: That’s obvious!]


If you answered all three questions correctly, you win a free consultation below.

Write me at info@rmohc.com and enter “QBox Consultation” in the subject line.


Offer: Set you up in QBOX and continue the Joy of QBD!

$100 through 1/1/2020.


My offer and my accounting are as serious as my humor is bad. I make you feel good about your numbers. Now, I can do it helping you with QBox…even if you work another accountant!


R. Michael O’Hanlan Consulting (RMOHC) is an accounting systems consulting firm based in the Washington, DC area. Michael O’Hanlan is a Certified Fraud Examiner. RMOHC specializes in accounting cleanup and organization for commercial and government contract clients, fraud prevention, and training services.