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The RMOHC training style is one of compassion and possibility.  The result is financial peace of mind and empowerment.  The peace of mind comes from knowing you are not behind in your accounting.  The empowerment comes from knowing how to use Quickbooks and how to glean more and more useful information to run your company.

The training is based on finding out what clients do not know, and what they need to know to be successful and profitable.  Mistakes are actually “teaching moments”, and questions (no matter how often asked) are means to reinforce knowledge.  You will find training fun, and will have a new found sense of possibility and accomplishment.  We use the following styles of training:

  1. One On One Instruction – we do this with sole proprietors, or with the individual who will work with Quickbooks.
  2. Small class, hands-on sessions – RMOHC has an ever-growing number of courses designed to back-fill knowledge deficits in accounting, business, and Quickbooks. When you actively participate in class, you learn and retain more knowledge. You have fun too!
  3. Step-By-Step Coaching – Once you have the fundamentals, you might have an issues that just doesn’t make sense.  So we come in and watch what you do, we reinforce what you are doing right, and teach you a way to do things that eliminates the confusion.  It is all about you!

In any of these training formats we provide you with materials you can take home or to your office which enables you to continue to use the training.