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Accounting Software

Quickbooks accounting software is one of the biggest and most widely used accounting software by start-up, small, and medium sized businesses.  It comes in two versions:

  1. Quickbooks Desktop is the original Quickbooks accounting software program that you purchase and install onto your computer.
  2. Quickbooks Online is a comparatively new cloud-based monthly subscription version Quickbooks accounting software program and allows you access to your records anywhere you have access to the cloud.

The Desktop version has more features you can use, but it does not offer mobile access.  This version is used where you do business in one place, or that you do not need access to your finances outside of your office.

The Online version, on the cloud, cannot handle the coding the Desktop has, so its features are comparatively limited.  It does allow you to access your finances anywhere you can access the cloud.  It is popular for service and sales professionals who need to record business transactions outside of the office.

Setup & Instruction

When you choose to use either version of Quickbooks accounting software, RMOHC guides you through the setup process and then helps you customize Quickbooks accounting software to reflect your company.  This includes sculpting your Chart of Accounts, inserting your logo into templates for invoices and other documents, establishing beginning balances, and more.

Once your Quickbooks accounting software is setup, we will teach you how to use it!  You will find, so much of Quickbooks accounting software is intuitive even for those without any accounting background.  Clients are surprised at how quickly they can learn the basics.


Once these skills are solid, we go on retainer to follow you throughout the year, so you are always up-to-date on your finances.  RMOHC can expand your bookkeeping and accounting skills so you can keep tighter, more confident control of your business’s finances.  We have a number of courses we can teach you, and will gladly come and work with you individually on whatever you need.

RMOHC can work with you in any of three ways using Quickbooks accounting software:

  1. Quickbooks Online: You and RMOHC will have access to monitor your finances on the cloud. You set us up as an “Accountant” user.
  2. Quickbooks Desktop: Installed on an office computer, you can take advantage of its “Accountant’s Copy” feature, which allows you to send us your data for review and adjustments. Then we return them to you for you to upload into your system.  You set us up as an “External Accountant” user.
  3. In-house services: If you choose to use RMOHC’s in-house accounting and bookkeeping services, we will set you up in Quickbooks Desktop to record your transactions and will send you financial statements and any other report you need.

Note: Some clients are not in a position to purchase or subscribe to Quickbooks accounting software and RMOHC supports them using an Excel spreadsheet to track their finances.  We have templates that allow you to track your accounts and reconcile statements.  When you are ready, your spreadsheet data can be easily uploaded in to your Quickbooks accounting software.