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Bookkeeping, Accounting, & Financial Analysis

BOOKKEEPING – your books throughout the year

RMOHC offers two Bookkeeping products so you can keep your books current and accurate throughout the year.

Bookkeeping – T2FS (Transactions to Financial Statements) is based on the RMOHC core philosophy of financial peace of mind.  You provide RMOHC your financial information and we create your financial statements so can focus on your business without worrying about doing the bookkeeping.
Bookkeeping – DIY Verify is based on the RMOHC core philosophy of client empowerment.  We help you maintain and grow your bookkeeping skills so you can be hands-on with the finances of your company.  Here is how they work:


UPLOAD:  All your financial activity from .CSV downloads.
RECONCILE:  All monthly bank, credit card, and .PDF financial statements you provided.
DISCUSS:  -We send you your company’s financial statements and review the results with you.


You have your own QuickBooks and do your accounting yourself.  It is month’s end and time to review the numbers.
TALK: RMOHC sets up a conference call or an in-person meeting to discuss your work.
REVIEW: We review the transactions, and the physical set up of your QuickBooks account.
-Does your Chart of Accounts reflect what you really do?
-Are all project costs tracked to a project or customer.
-Did you download bank feeds and edit them for complete information.
It is always helpful to have another set of eyes look over your records.  We discuss not only the accounting, but what you are doing with your business, and see how we can support your throughout the year.

DISASTER ACCOUNTING – cleaning up what went wrong

Accounting is taking the bookkeeping data and working with it.  This includes making journal entries, and monitoring Payables (things you owe) so that you do not miss payment dates and Receivables (things others owe you) so you are paid in a timely manner.  We set up budgets for your company and for specific projects so that you can monitor the budget-to-actual progress and manage your company more profitably.


Financial Analysis is basis for resolving what we call “disaster accounting.”  We support you in preparing for audits you might face.  We can recover or rebuild your accounts after a natural disaster, crime, or other event that would put the integrity of your records in jeopardy.  We carry out in-depth research to uncover the root cause of a problem with your finances and we enter end-of-year entries that your CPA might require.