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Our services encompass four service areas: Bookkeeping/Accounting, Set up for QuickBooks, Training, and Fraud/Compliance:


Quality accounting and bookkeeping is the mission of RMOHC.  We provide clean financial organization for your company.  RMOHC works with new start-up businesses as well as existing businesses needing “Disaster Accounting” services.  We make the process is simple:  organize the source documentation, upload it into a working accounting system, and learn what is needed to maintain current accurate finances which produce financial statements that others can use.


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Once a company’s financial records are in good organization, uploading that information into Quickbooks is the next step.  Quickbooks allows a client an affordable system to record and track their financial activities and produce accurate financial statements.  Whether online or desktop, Quickbooks is malleable so that all aspects of the system reflects the client.  RMOHC’s CEO is a Quickbooks ProAdvisor, and uses his education and skills to help clients make best use of their system.


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Training is two-fold process. Clients need to be taught how to keep financial organization in their business, how to use Quickbooks, and how to keep compliant. Then they need to be trained to apply this education to their offices, software, and outside entities. RMOHC training style is one of compassion and empowerment. The result is financial peace of mind. The training is based on finding out what clients do not know, and what they need to know to be successful and profitable. Mistakes are actually “teaching moments”, and questions (no matter how often asked) are means to reinforce knowledge. We have fun, you have a new found sense of possibility and accomplishment.


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Some clients bid on government contracts and are thus subject to comply with Federal Acquisitions Requirements and Defence Contract Audit Agency.  They are legally required to set up the accounting system, in both financial and non-financial aspects, to a more rigorous tracking and reporting system.  RMOHC has workshops on what is complaince, and how to be compliant Quickbooks.  Small businesses must use software like Quickbooks because it is affordable, and because small companies do not have the staffing to make use of the larger, more expensive programs.  RMOHC teaches the client about what compliance entails, and then trains them to carry out these requirements.


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