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“I recently had the pleasure to work with Mr. O’Hanlan on a large embezzlement case.  Mr. O’Hanlan was contracted by a small plumbing company to review their books and procedures after they were taken advantage of by their office manager.  Mr. O’Hanlan was able to quickly determine that the office manager was given too much control of the books with no oversight as to her daily activities.  Mr. O’Hanlan was able to go back over several years of time sheets and discovered that the manager had been adding in additional hours and leave.  Through his diligence, Mr. O’Hanlan also discovered additional payments to other party accounts that then linked back to the office manager.  Mr. O’Hanlan was able to put everything together that was easy for the prosecution and defense attorney to understand.  Because of his great work, the defense attorney decided to enter a plea of guilty instead of going to trial.

“Mr. O’Hanlan is committed to his work and it shows.  I have worked with several accountants over the years and most of them would not have put the effort in that he did. As a current ACFE [Association of Certified Fraud Examiners] memeber in good standing, I would highly recommend him for CFE.”

– Fairfax County Police, Detective, CFE

“Michael is a mover and shaker! I have used his services myself to get my books in order. Very intelligent.. he knows what he is doing for sure!”

– Melody Pagé-Ferry |  GrayBrook Construction

“Michael helped me get my financial house in order. I had a pile of receipts and some bank statements. I had no idea where my money was going, but I knew it was going somewhere. I hadn’t paid much attention to anything, but knew I should.”

– Kyla Lupo | Smart Again!

“The best part of Michael’s approach is the empowerment he creates. He helped me take control of my finances, and stay in control. He also treated me with kindness and respect. There was no shame about how frivolous or irresponsible I had been with my finances. That was the past; I was in control now. Being able to be honest with someone about money, finances and my business is very freeing and empowering. I don’t know where I would be without Michael!”

– Kyla Lupo  |  Smart Again!

Over the past year I have had the pleasure of working with Michael and R. M. O’Hanlan Consulting. Michael has given my company nothing less than excellent service and guidance in financial record keeping as well as peace of mind. He is very easy to work with and breaks everything down to make sure you understand what is really going on. He is extremely client centric and always provides us with thorough, accurate, personalized advice and services at a competitive price. I look forward to using his services in the years to come.”

– Joshua Doroski  |  J-Lawncare, LLC